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Plastic surgery can help change how you feel about yourself by changing how you look.

Dr. Pamela Rosen is Board Certified in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. She has assisted patients from Coral Springs, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Plantation, Tamarac, Hollywood, Miami and throughout South Florida to look their best for over 15 years.

Plastic surgery can help change how you feel about yourself by changing how you look. We designed our website to introduce you to the services we offer to help you enhance your lifestyle. Dr. Pamela Rosen strives to maintain superb customer service and to provide you with outstanding patient education about your procedure options as well as some of the benefits and risks of each. Whether you’re looking to educate yourself about Eyelid surgery, a Facelift, wrinkle fillers, laser resurfacing or our physician strength skin care products to help you look a little younger, you’ll find the information you need to choose our practice for your procedure.

Dr. Rosen invites you, your family, and your friends to preview our practice information and information about cosmetic surgery. Her goal is to provide the best possible cosmetic surgery and results available.

If there are questions that you feel are not answered to your satisfaction on this website, please call our office or email us. The best way to have all of your questions answered is to schedule a consultation and meet Dr. Rosen. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Eyelid Surgery

Does loose skin over your eyes and the fat bags under your eyes make you look more tired and older than you feel inside? If it does, don’t worry. You’re not alone….


Facelifts Florida

Facelifts are one of our most requested and most frequently performed cosmetic procedures. Facelifts provide an overall lift to the lower third of your face….

Botox & Fillers


Dynamic wrinkles are caused by contractions of the delicate underlying facial muscles every time you smile, laugh or frown. These lines caused by facial muscles…

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